Sense In Dimensions • Creative Production

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At Sense In Dimensions we are dedicated to bringing spaces and imagination to life


Bespoke Staging design & build


Design and making quality costume & props


Performance managment & service 


Event concepts, designs and ideas


Community Projects and Workshops


Meet The Team

Jessica Rodnight

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Jessica has grown up surrounded by creative adventures and was born in the festival fields. As an educated textiles designer Jessica is trained to flow between mediums and has a eye for detail. She is enthusatic about the environment and likes to sleep under the stars. 


Jessica is co-founder and director of Sense In Dimensions and imagines ideas for unique, bespoke experiences, while also using material knowledge to craft clients dreams. 

Ella Boston

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Ella spent her youth bouncing around Brighton until her obsession with the fourth dimension led her to Manchester to study 3D Design…  However, three dimensions wasn’t enough and so she started creating experiences to fill the fourth. She is always dreaming up new ways to engage and interact with a range of audiences and networks wherever she goes. 


Ella is the other co-founder and director of Sense In Dimensions and she thinks specially, structurally, and sensually to bring imaginations to life.